JUNE ZERO (105') + LIKE SNAILS (18')

JUNE ZERO (105') + LIKE SNAILS (18')21:15 - 23:20 Cinema BillyProgramMain Program

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dir. Jake Paltrow
IL, US, 2022, 105′

Shot using super 16mm film, Jake Paltrow’s thought-provoking drama captures a moment that dramatically changed the way the Holocaust is understood and remembered. Inspired by true events, June Zero is set in 1962 Israel, where, after a public trial, Adolf Eichmann has been tried and sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. The film explores the experiences of three characters involved in this event. More info…

dir. Margherita Panizon
IT, 2022, 18’
Simone is a boy who likes to hike among the bushes of the Trieste Karst. He is a ghost to his peers who know him only for what they see: someone different. Sayid is a young migrant. These two will meet in a magical place and help each other make themselves less invisible… Like Snails premiered at the latest Venice Critics’ Week. Više…



(Subota) 21:15 - 23:20


Cinema Billy

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