MOTOVUN SHORTS: Look at Me – I Am Invisible! (77')

MOTOVUN SHORTS: Look at Me – I Am Invisible! (77')10:30 - 11:50 Cinema BauerProgramMotovun Shorts

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Trumpets in the Sky
dir. Rakan Mayasi, LB, FR, BE, PS, 2021, 15′

Lebanon today – the war is raging next door, in Syria. 14-year-old Boushra learns that her mother has sold her into marriage.

dir. Gorana Jovanović, RS, 2021, 11′

After the disruption of a minute of silence in honour of a “fallen” comrade in Ukraine, the high choir made up of Lenin statues kicks out a Lenin bust from an abandoned Soviet mining settlement.

Snow White
dir. Lana Barić, HR, 2022, 14’41”

Forty-year-old Željka is living a quiet life in an isolated village. An unexpected visit will take her back to the past, shaking up her daily routine.

Neon Phantom
dir. Leonardo Martinelli, BR, 2021, 20′

A delivery man dreams of having a motorcycle. He has been told that everything would be like a musical… Golden Leopard for Best International Short Film in Locarno.

dir. Emma Branderhorst, NL, 2021, 15’40”

Surprised by her period, 15-year-old Ruby faces a predicament. Winner of Crystal Bear at Berlinale, the film aims to open the conversation and break the taboo around period poverty.



(Srijeda) 10:30 - 11:50


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