My Last Year As a Loser

My Last Year As a Loser21:00 - 22:27 Cinema TrgProgramMain Program

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This Slovenian film by the young debutant Urša Menart, awarded at the national film festival in Portorož (including Best Film award), is a joyful stylized comedy about disillusionment, shame and the gap between the overeducated, underemployed millennials and their parents. Špela is almost thirty. She has graduated but she has never had a steady job. Her best friends moved abroad and her boyfriend is about to do the same, but she decided to stay with her disappointed parents in the midst of Slovenia’s economic crisis. In her attempts to gain strength and set her life in motion, she will be distracted by her new friends, a group of similar losers.



(Utorak) 21:00 - 22:27


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