The Living Man (92')

The Living Man (92')21:15 - 22:47 Pjacelet - BuzetProgramBuzz@teen

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Igor “Đela” Đerić, a Belgrade rocker and former member of the iconic rock band Sinovi (Nikola Đuričko – Frozen Stiff, Stranger Things) lives with his wife Sunčica and their two children. Their marriage is marked by many problems, but also by many years of living together. After a disturbing confession of his wife and upon hearing the news from his teenage daughter, he decides to start all over. In the process, he will try to correct the mistakes from the past, but a series of unforeseen events keep pushing him in a different direction. The Living Man is a melancholic rock ‘n’ roll comedy about a man searching for deliverance and about the eternal question of what is real life and what is freedom.



(četvrtak) 21:15 - 22:47 CET


Pjacelet - Buzet

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