UPPSALA PRESENTS: Pick 'n' mix 1 (84')

UPPSALA PRESENTS: Pick 'n' mix 1 (84')14:30 - 15:55 MAKProgramSweden – Partner Country

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As part of this year’s edition, MFF’s partner Uppsala Short Film Festival presents the best of the Swedish cinema in the last ten years.

UPPSALA PRESENTS: Pick ‘n’ mix 1

But You Are a Dog
dir. Malin Erixon, SE, 2014, 12’
An odd group of people gather to see an unusual dance performance. This is a non-traditional love story, between a man and his… special friend.

Shadow Animals
dir. Jerry Carlsson, SE, 2018, 21’30”

A dance-based drama about the discovery of human behaviour.

dir. Irma Bergdahl, SE, 2019, 8′

A tribute to the ancestors and a declaration of love for the young Sámi who carry on fighting.

The Expected
dir. Carolina Sandvik, SE, 2021, 15′

A father-to-be ends up in a feverish nightmare when a strange entity seems to be growing in the mother’s blood.

Moms on Fire
dir. Joanna Rytel, SE, 2016, 13′

What’s it like to be massively pregnant with only four days until you’re due to pop?

Pussy Have the Power
dir. Lovisa Sirén, SE, 2013., 15′

A song improvised by four girls in a music studio. When an established producer steps into the room, they face a big choice.



(Utorak) 14:30 - 15:55



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