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For suspense and mystery, come and see Mitra, Human Factors and I Never Cry

Motovun Film Festival just loves to introduce some mysticism and thrill the audience with unexpected schemes. This year’s program includes a political thriller with an opportunity for revenge, family problems that get messed up after a suspicious burglary and the astonishing secrets daughter reveals after her father’s death.

Mitra is particularly upsetting because it is based on actual events from the life of director Kaweh Modiri. The title is the name of Modiri’s step-sister who was executed before his birth. In this film, Haleh meets the woman who, she is convinced, is responsible for her daughter’s death. She is tempted to seek revenge. This intriguing political thriller takes us from Holland, where the two women live their peaceful lives, to Iran during Khomeini’s revolution, the time of informers and terror. Expect the contrast between the past and the present, light and dark, trouble and temptation.


In Ronny Trocker’s film Human Factors, a wealthy married couple go to their beach house with their children in order to get away from accumulated tensions. A quiet idyll takes a turn for the worse when someone breaks into the beach house. The plot becomes shrouded in mystery when police investigation reveals inconsistencies in their stories. The point of view of each family member is used and the hitherto veiled abuse and neglect become apparent.  

Human Factors

Surprising twists can be expected in I Never Cry, a film by Polish director Piotr Domalewski. Seventeen-year-old Ola is defiant and wants one thing only – to pass her driver’s test and get hold of a car. Upon learning about her father’s death at a construction site in Ireland, Ola must go there to return his body to Poland. Although primarily interested in her father’s money, she learns about things she was completely ignorant about and she gets to know her late father.

I Never Cry

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Cinehill Motovun Film Festival opens submission for films in the competitive short film program of this year’s festival, which takes place from July 24 to 28 in Gorski kotar.

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