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Veliki Screen Daily donosi članak o Daldryjevom posjetu Motovunu.

"Stephen Daldry admits his new filmTrashis likely to ruffle feathers because of “talking about poverty and corruption in Brazil.”

Daldry, speaking at the Motovun Film Festival in Croatia this weekend, said: “The reason I made this film is because it’s about the underbelly, the difficult side of Rio, the underexposed side of Rio.”

Trash, which is slate for its world premiere at the Rio Film Festival in October, is now in the final stages of post production for Peapie Films, Working Title and Universal. It follows the story of impoverished kids who scavenge on a trash heap in Rio who get embroiled in a political scandal when they find an important item in the trash.

Daldrey spent three years on and off in Rio. “It’s a country I feel in love with, they believe in change…and they believe in their country,” he says.

Daldry was speaking at Croatia’s Motovun Film Festival, which welcomed him for a public talk and a screening ofBilly Elliot.

The director has a rich history with Motovun, which gave its first Propeller Award toBilly Elliot15 years ago – marking the first prize for the film.

The festival has even named its newest outdoor screening venue Cinema Billy, afterBilly Elliot.

Daldry is also a long-time collaborator with Motovun Film Festival co-founder (and F&ME producer) Mike Downey."

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